Slow/crashing IE9, blank screens

At work, I am running Windows 7 (64-bit) on a Dell Optiplex 780 PC. When Internet Explorer 9 was released, I installed the 64-bit version on this PC. Right from the start IE9 was unbearably slow, pages didn’t load, or only showed after you moved the mouse (it reminded me of a “peekaboo” bug). It […]

Windows 7 and Parallels 5: Activation issues

I have an iMac 27 (Core i5, 4GB, Snow Leopard). Using Bootcamp, I also installed Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) on this machine. I want to run Windows virtualized (via Parallels 5) as well, using the installation on the Bootcamp partition. Setting this up is all very straightforward. First make sure Windows is installed properly […]