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I am Arjan Haverkamp (1973). I was born and raised in Epse, near Deventer in The Netherlands. Currently I live in Amersfoort in that same country with my wife Michelle and our two cats.
Since my early childhood I’ve been a sucker for computers and electronic toys. I started being nerdy on a Philips P2000, which was quickly followed by a Philips MSX 2 computer (first an NMS 8245, later a 8250). Programming in MSX Basic all started it.
After finishing highschool, there was only one path… Computer Science. I attended the University of Twente in Enschede for one year, only to find out that math is really not my thing.
So I continued my Computer Science studies (Hoger Informatica Onderwijs, aka HIO) at the Hogeschool in Enschede (now called Saxion).

In the third year (1995) I had the opportunity to do two 5-month internships abroad; one at Siemens in Munich, Germany, and one at Veritas/Centerline in Mountain View, California. During this second internship I met Michelle, who I am now married to.

Without any further delays, I proudly received my diploma in 1996.

I married Michelle in 2004 (in Red Rock Canyon, near Las Vegas), and we moved to a “nieuwbouw” woning in Amersfoort in 2007.


My first job was at NOB Interactive in Hilversum, in the role of web programmer (back in the days when Explorer 4 and Netscape 4 were still fighting it out). That’s where I learned HTML, Javascript, CGI and now long-forgotten Livewire (Netscape’s server side Javascript).

After about 4 years, I moved on to NOB Services. This job was quite boring, so I taught myself PHP. To kill time and become good at PHP, I created Phoundry, a web-based CMS written in PHP.

In 2000, two ex-colleagues (Niek and Jacco) called to ask me if I would be interested to join their startup called Web Power. They already decided to exclusively use PHP, which was exactly the direction I wanted to go in. So I joined Web Power (as a co-owner), and had the opportunity to further develop Phoundry into a full fledged CMS (now used by over 100 websites).

Web Power developed a well known multichannel marketing tool as well, called DMdelivery. I am still very actively involved in the development of DMdelivery, in my current role as product manager. DMdelivery is sold in The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and China, among others.


If you would like to know more, you can view my LinkedIn profile or follow me on Twitter.

See you later!

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